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Dissolve Therapy Fundaments course will give you the tools to treat yourself, family, and friends. This is the first step to becoming a Certified Dissolve Therapy Practitioner. 

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Dissolve Therapy is an ancient technique and view, that has been wrapped up and delivered in a very unique way.


Dissolve gives you the ability to penetrate and release the root of the contraction in your mind, emotion/energy, and body.

Now, this contraction is the cause of so much of what you experience as bad, or negative, even what you don’t feel, through numbness or blockages.

Most mental and emotional ailments - depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, boredom are all a form of contraction.

As too are many of the problems in the body. Injuries that don’t heal, organs that don’t work properly, causing intolerances and allergies for instance. The list is endless.

Dissolve is great for anxiety, anger, self-doubt, stress, fear, depression, old injuries, releasing constricted organs, allowing the body to self-heal.

Whether it’s yoga, sport training, massage, body therapy or even working in an office job. This 12 lesson course will give you the tools to a happier, more open, spacious person.  

This course is perfect for those who are wanting to better themselves, or for those who are wanting to become a Dissolve Practitioner and help those around them.

Before we treat anyone, we must first fix ourselves, we want to be open, clear and grounded. That is what separates all Dissolve Therapists from all other Therapists.

Embark on your journey of healing through clarity and release. Work on yourself whilst helping others. Cultivate balance and peace.

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Dissolve Therapy Fundamentals Course



Dissolve Practitioners Course (Released 2021)

Once completed the Fundamentals & Practitioners Course, and have been approved by Andy or Duran Mack. You will be a fully registered Dissolve Therapist.

You will have access to the following:

  • Feature bio, photo, and contact on the Dissolve website.
  • Dissolve Certification
  • Priority booking for all events/courses.
  • 20% off Dissolve Courses.
  • Monthly meditation and Q & A with Andy Mack.
  • Practitioners Zoom Training.
  • Practitioners Training Camp
  • Downloadable marketing material.
  • Use of Dissolve logos in marketing.

Dissolve Therapy | Dissolve New


Q1. How does Dissolve Therapy work?

Dissolve is a transmission of skill; to find openness and release, thus creating calm and stability. 


Q2. How do you explain Dissolve to the receiver?

This treatment shows you how to release habitual contraction in the mind and body. It's a transmission of the conditions that the practitioner has created within themselves.

Q3. What do you expect to feel after a treatment?

Both parties feel blissed out, calm, content and grounded.



Q4. What is Dissolve Therapy good for?

Anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, anger, boredom, jealousy, heartache, general tightness, digestion, breathing issue, muscular pain.



Q5. How often do you need Dissolve Therapy?

This is such a tough question to answer, because everyone is different. The problem is, we forget!  That being said, we've changed lives in a single session, sometimes it takes a few.  But it feels so amazing, people just want to keep coming back! 


Q6. Are there any contraindications for Dissolve Therapy?

No. Dissolve Therapy is non invasive.

Q7. Can one have Dissolve Therapy if pregnant?

Yes for sure. Learning to dissolve stress in a potentially stressful period, is great for mum and bub. (And for Dad too, ha ha!)


Q8. How does Dissolve Therapy help Tai Chi practice?

Dissolve deepens your sensitivity, finding new levels of release. This will do wonders for your Tai Chi skills.


Q9. What is the best way to integrate Dissolve Therapy?

Our advice is to not mix the teachings. Once you begin changing the method, it loses potency. Ie, If you’re doing a Dissolve, do a Dissolve treatment. However, the skills learnt in Dissolve, will certainly influence, and deepen any other practices you do. Ie, TCM or massage.

Q10. Do I need to be a Certified Dissolve Therapist?

No, you don't need to be a certified therapist if this is for personal practice. But if you would like treat in a professional capacity and make Dissolve your job, certification is required.

Q11. How do I become a Certified Dissolve Therapist?

By completing both the Fundamentals and Practitioner course, and also the Practitioners evaluation.


"I’ve just completed online dissolve therapy course. The platform of the course is well laid out, and each video are easy to watch. 

Andy explains the process of the dissolve therapy clearly step by step. I thought the course was great, and easy to follow. I hope that dissolve therapy will help to deepen my acupuncture practice and support my taichi training. I’m excited to try it out on my friends & family."

Kana Okada

"Dissolve Therapy is not only a candle of light and healing in a dark and stressful world, but through this profound, easy to follow online program, Andy Mack kindly offers the opportunity for each of us to dissolve habituated tensions, light our own candle of inner calm and joy, and then share that light with others. In my 30+ years in the field of healing and wellness, I’ve not come across anything like this which offers such a simple, potent antidote to stress."

Oliver Pfeffer

“I’ve been three times to Dissolve Therapy and highly recommend this to everyone who is interested in deep release on all levels, and finding stillness & freedom. I have seen and meet many skilled therapists from all over the world and Andy is one of my favourites. He is giving you an invitation to let go of your tension, your holding on – and allowing you to free yourself from clinging to old stuff which is not needed anymore.

His presence is warm, open and empty and makes it easy to heal, and meet the no mind – where you experience real freedom beyond body and mind. It is much more then treatment for releasing symptoms of pain and tension – this therapy is giving you the chance to heal the cause of the symptoms – the holding on.

May many people get the chance to have this therapy and healing work with Andy. It is a blessing to meet you and see soon again.

With deep respect for your healing work you are offering”

Remo Rettiner

"I really don’t know where to begin, what a kind, gentle soul. I had never heard of this form of treatment before – but I personally knew that I had not accepted and let go of a lot of pain in my life.

My treatment was amazing – it was like an inner body journey of self discovery. I felt a very warm connection as the treatment began. I was taught what tension felt like, and then how to let it soften and dissolve. It was very interesting to feel the change of tension , which I didn’t know I had, leave my body! I quickly, with Andy’s help, began to recognise this feeling, and had fun with it. As Andy worked on my internal organs, it felt as if my body was not my own, it felt softer and lighter.

I would whole heartedly recommend this treatment, as an inner healing. Andy teaches you the techniques so you can heal yourself.

What an amazing and wonderful guy."

Anna Mitchell

"This was heavenly! Andy lit a way to another path of true relaxation, calmness and awareness of achieving inner peace. I dropped so much tension in one session, that I could have flown away, if Andy did not insist on carrying me.

His calm and embracing aura has a rolling effect on everybody around him. It was an absolute honour to have met Andy as he is an inspiration!"